The 2016 New Zealand Power Lawyer List . .

24. Julie Read

juliereadSerious Fraud Office Chief Executive Julie Read came to the office in late 2013 as an experienced litigation, including 20 years with Australia’s Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) where she held several senior roles.

Regarded as an experienced and capable civil servant combined with some battle-hardened litigation experience, Tasmanian Julie Read has brought increased rigour to the SFO, managing around 50 staff and overseeing serious fraud prosecutions as well as maintaining effective relations with government and sister Crown agencies and operations.

Her experience includes acting as ASIC’s representative on the International Organisation of Securities Commissions, responsible for cross-border securities law enforcement and acting as Director of Enforcement and General Counsel with ASIC.

She has undertaken a significant shake up of the SFO in order to better focus the organisation on complex crime investigation and prosecution and to, as the SFO report last year stated, to “triage complaints and focus …”.

The Agency struggled with the finance company collapses in the wake of the GFC and badly needed reorganisation and better focus to deal with the onset of wide-ranging complex crime prosecution.  So far, Julie Read appears to be handling the job competently although prosecutions under her leadership have dropped and she more recently encountered some criticism in the local media for her attendance back home on an intensive training course.

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