The 2016 New Zealand Power Lawyer List . .

28. Ron Mansfield

New Entrant

ronmansfieldAfter something of a dearth of top criminal lawyers with the death of legal legend Peter Williams QC and the demise of practitioners like …. Hart, the criminal bar has been somewhat starved of legal stars. ¬†However Ron Mansfield has assumed the mantle with his hyperactive criminal practice, built around the solid foundation of both his energy and mainstay client, Kim Dotcom.

Ron Mansfield’s chambers continue to reverberate to ringing phones and assorted clientele – at least those free to visit his chambers – and with a legal and support team to investigate and handle criminal defence work his practice continues to grow.

The defence of Kim Dotcom, facing his long-running battle with the US government, Ron Mansfield’s 25 year legal career has hit a public high point, although his expertise across the criminal law spectrum was already well known.


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