The 2016 New Zealand Power Lawyer List . .

30. Mark Henaghan


Dr Mark Henaghan
Dr Mark Henaghan

Professor Mark Henaghan, Dean of Otago Law School has achieved near legendary status as a mentor and leader, as well as a passionate advocate for using law for the benefit of the under privileged and abused.  Apart from his teaching however, the charismatic academic is also a regular commentator and participant in legal queries, as well as being a long time rugby and on-stage performer creating a persona larger than just about any academic.

Having a strong interest in family law issues, including child abuse, relationship property and also the Judiciary, he has written on many issues, including on human genome law.  A spirited and accessible commentator on law issues, particularly family law, he has also served on  the editorial boards of the leading UK journal on childrens’ issues and on the leading journal on human rights.

He collaborates with UK and Australian researchers on the study of family relocation cases, a matter of increasing importance, as well as playing a vital leadership role in the university, including active involvement with rugby, student theatrics, debating and other roles that see his larger-than-life personality generate a near cult-following for a dean.

In a well reported debate with fellow power lister Mai Chen, an Otago alumni and current Justice Simon Moore, formerly an Otago Law School guest lecturer, he shed his clothes to reveal fake tatts, fish-net tights and all the acoutrements of an AC/DC rocker.  As someone who shuns the pomp of academia for real-life involvement and a passion for making the law deliver justice for every sector of the community.



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