The 2016 New Zealand Power Lawyer List . .

31. Nigel Hampton QC

nigelhamptonNigel Hampton QC is one of the country’s foremost criminal lawyers, having practised since 1964 and handled some of the most controversial cases since then.  A mentor to fellow Power List member Jonathan Eaton QC, Nigel Hampton’s hirsute appearance cuts a rather different figure to the stylish Eaton, but his sharp mind and legal ability have placed him at the forefront of the New Zealand criminal bar.

A strong advocate against miscarriage of justice he has most recently been involved in the establishment of the New Zealand Public Interest project, designed to plug the gap in New Zealand’s criminal justice system by establishing a substitute for the (non existant) Criminal Cases Review Commission to review cases involving those like Teina Pora who have fallen through the cracks in the system.

Apart from his work at the bar, Nigel Hampton has also served as the Chief Justice of Tonga in the mid-1990s, the subject of recent publicity over corruption, drugs and other nefarious activities, as well as many educational and charitable organisations, including Law Society offices and the Litigation Skills Programme.  He currently also serves as an alternate member of the Disciplinary Appeals Board for the International Criminal Court, a four year term and is the first New Zealander to be so elected.

A QC since 1989 and holding an OBE he is one of New Zealand’s few internationally recognised lawyers in the criminal law scene.

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