The 2016 New Zealand Power Lawyer List . .

38. Jim Farmer QC

jimfarmerJim Farmer QC, yachting aficionado remains a doyen of the New Zealand bar although his practice is somewhat quieter now than in days past.

Nonetheless he retains an important role as a key voice on matters affecting the law and lawyers including recent comments on proposals by Auckland University Law School to increase numbers.

He as appeared in some of the most significant commercial cases heard in New Zealand in the past two decades and continues to act in a variety of cases.

When not sailing (he also runs Georgia Racing Ltd, a company specialising in contractual disputes in the yachting world and providing “Grand Prix services” to the yacht racing community) he continues to thrive in his busy practice as one of the country’s most sought-after commercial barristers.  His most recent public foray has been representing the son of former Supreme Court Justice Sir Robert Chambers in an action against fellow power lister Dame Deborah Chambers.

Interestingly he has largely shunned the trend towards placing himself in a silo of specialisation but demonstrated an ability to handle everything from complex commercial litigation, competition law issues and similar to family fights like the current Chambers dispute.  His involvement in many of the country’s most important litigation over the past quarter century gives him a leading role at the bar and in the profession, despite a somewhat quieter practice today than in years past. A former Russell McVeagh partner and author or many articles and books as well as practising for a decade in New South Wales where he was also appointed a QC.

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