The 2016 New Zealand Power Lawyer List . .

43. Scott Weenink

New Entrant


Scott Weenink
Scott Weenink

Recently appointed general counsel at Auckland International Airport (AIA), Scott Weenink comes with high credentials

Helping the country open up to the world is an exciting opportunity, says Singapore-based Scott Weenink, Asia GC for telecoms provider Ooredoo

Myanmar has seen tremendous change in a short period of time and one manifestation of this is the growing number of foreign business people and travellers visiting the country.

Myanmar’s former capital and largest city Yangon is certainly among the most visited places by New Zealander Scott Weenink, a legacy Norton Rosealumnus and Asia general counsel of Ooredoo. Although based in Singapore, he has spent a lot of time in Myanmar in the past two years.

Ooredoo, which means ‘I want’ in Arabic, is a brand introduced in February by Qatar Telecom to replace Qtel. It is the exclusive telecoms provider in Qatar and has a growing presence in South East Asia.

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