The 2016 New Zealand Power Lawyer List . .

45. Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC


Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC
Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC

He may no longer be the force he once was – former PM, Law School Dean – but Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC retains a cache that he calls upon to maintain his public position as a leading academic and jurisprudence expert.k

Having held just about every significant legal position short of judicial office, the academic, writer and former politician and current barrister continues to assert his views on constitutional and other issues.

He recently pronounced upon the need for a written constitution for New Zealand and regularly lectures, writes and advises upon these and other matters.

Practising from his Wellington Chambers he has handled domestic and international briefs and continues to actively engage in such matters.

Most recently again he has delivered the Lecretia Seales Memorial Lecture in Law Reform, commemorating the death of the lawyer who fought to reform the law on voluntary euthanasia.

He was quoted in LawTalk about the future of lawyers, saying the biggest issue was –

Ensuring that the practice of law remains a profession and does not become a business. Access to justice has become a serious social problem and many people just cannot afford the professional help they need to cope with what are often serious problems.

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