The 2016 New Zealand Power Lawyer List . .

49. Lady Deborah Chambers QC

chambersLady Deborah Chambers QC continues as a powerful member of the bar and an inspirational figures for the growing female bar in particular to listen to as a proponent of how women in law can handle the glass ceiling.

Lady Deborah has been a prominent member of the bar for some years, casting her elegant and stylish shadow upon a range of cases in the relationship property and trusts arena, as well as co-writing a handbook on domestic property law and a guide to trusts.

Her star rose with the marriage to the dashing and late Supreme Court Justice Sir Robert Chambers who died suddenly two years ago.  Having accumulated the entitlement to “Lady Chambers”, a title she uses sparingly after her late husband was posthumously knighted, the 53 year old has continued to forge ahead with the legally important Clayton wrangle involving a $28 million fortune, but holding significant importance in terms of trusts and relationship property, involving issues as to ownership of a power of appointment.

She continues to make waves in the matrimonial property stakes with cases such as those involving the Chambers family (non-related) where a valuable Mount Maunganui property lead to a dispute between siblings and the rewriting of a will as well as speaking with law students in an address in August 2016 that saw her describe how her early punk rock beginnings from “deepest Glenfield” had lead to her role as a high profile, glamour QC.

Other cases in the trust and relationship property area, among others, have also shown the ability and sheer grit of a woman who was born of working class parents in a State house and risen to the top of the profession, earning respect and privilege, without forgetting her origins or sense of commitment to justice.

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