The 2016 New Zealand Power Lawyer List . .

7. Brian Dickey

dickeyFinishing 2016 with successful prosecutions for corruption against an Auckland Council officer and a roading contractor, Brian Dickey has notched up a high profile success to help mark his first 20months since being confirmed as Auckland’s Crown Solicitor.

As Auckland’s Crown Prosecutor, Brian Dickey’s role may be less than it once was under the likes of the Justice Simon Moore or the combative and colourful David Morris, but it remains a significant role nonetheless.

A partner in long-serving Auckland Crown Prosecution firm Meredith Connell, who have held the Crown warrant for over 90 years, Brian Dickey has handled a large number of financial company collapse prosecutions, including the high profile prosecution of Bridgecorp’s Rod Petricevic.

Married with three sons, Mr Dickey has been with his firm since 1994 and a partner since 2000.  He has been acting prosecutor since Simon Moore’s elevation to the High Court in 2014 and formally appointed in 2015.  Although the Auckland warrant was split with the establishment of the Manukau warrant-holders – Kayes Fletcher Walker,  Meredith Connell still devote around 20 per cent of their work to prosecution activity and as the largest city in the country it sees the most crime.

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