The 2016 New Zealand Power Lawyer List . .

13. Mark Verbiest

 Big Mover – 8 Mark Verbiest

verbiestMark Verbiest’s move has been upwards as he has cemented his position as one of the most powerful lawyer/businessmen in the country.  Chairing the country’s largest digital media company Spark, the former Telecom, he stirrred the commercial world with the company’s announcement to move towards virtual meetings.

Further elevating his position has been his appointment, along with fellow Power Lister Cathy Quinn, as non-executive directors of the Treasury Board, where they already served as the Treasury’s advisory board.

Verbiest has developed a list of director and chairmanships that place him at the forefront of New Zealand business, following his career with Simpson Grierson as a commercial lawyer.  A seven year hiatus with (then) Telecom as company secretary and member of the company’ senior executive team saw him subsequently develop his network as a consultant to a variety of companies across multiple commercial areas ranging from telecommunications to medical insurance, banking and property.

His work on a range of strategic and governance issues, including undertaking substantial work within the energy and communication industries, including as chair of the Electricity Industry Transmission Pricing Methodology Project.

As chairman of Spark and Transpower, director of Freightways and Willis Bond Capital Partners and a former board member of the Financial Markets Authority.

Last year  – 22

16. David Williams QC

david-a-r-williams-qc-296x300David Williams QC, former jurist and New Zealand’s leading arbitrator arguably now exercises more power than he ever did during his brief tenure as a High Court judge.  Ruling on some of the most complex and high value arbitrations in the world, the leading Silk commands a respect well beyond New Zealand’s shores.

Working from offices internationally, his travel schedule can be as exhausting as his high level briefs, but David Williams QC is also known for his tireless commitment to education and to advancing the role of the mediator and arbitrator in New Zealand.

Last Year – No. 12

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