The 2016 New Zealand Power Lawyer List . .

Top Silk’s Work/Life Balance

Michael Heron QC may have slipped down the Power List as a result of his resignation from his top law role, but he has also shown the way an adaptive lawyer can both enhance his career and lifestyle by retaining flexibility and an open mind to opportunities.

The Queens’ Counsel resigned in a surprise move made last September following his appointment in 2012, largely for personal reasons relating to his Auckland-based family.

The former Russell McVeagh and Minter Ellison partner, who has also worked extensively overseas in the UK and Japan, has never been shy about making decisions related to his career that reject the notion that the ‘job for life’ attitude is one that should hold sway.

Since moving home he has been busy handling briefs such as the report on fish dumping prosecutions handled by the Ministry of Primary Industry and assisting in the preparation of a report relating to the State Services debacle involving diplomats Derek Leask and Nigel Fyfe, among others.

He has also been busy setting up an innovative online dispute resolution service (CODR) which makes justice more accessible by virtue of its online service linking clients with lawyers to resolve disputes quickly and inexpensively.

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